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A Team Building Activity

September 15, 2022

At the beginning of September, the company organized a team building activity to go rafting in Qingyuan


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Qingyuan "Xuanzhen" has developed from a barren mountain to a national 4A-level tourist resort. The rafting project alone has received more than one million tourists from home and abroad.

The total length of the rafting river is 4.3 kilometers, and the drop of 3 meters to 5 meters can be seen everywhere. There is also a 1100-meter long spinning drift. Tourists need to hold the rubber boat handrails with both hands to avoid falling into the water.

I also played some games on the way to increase the atmosphere.


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Small suggestion:
1. Bring a set of clothes. Drifting will inevitably "wet", and it is very uncomfortable to change without dry clothes after landing. No leather shoes, flat slippers and plastic sandals are fine.
2. It is best not to bring anything on the rubber boat, such as mobile phones, cameras, documents and cash, because it will get wet.
3. Don't overeat before rafting.
4. Children who are too young should not float, nor can they swim.
5. Do not do dangerous actions when rafting. Generally speaking, the rafting river section is relatively safe. As long as you don't get off the boat at will, don't fight each other, and don't take the initiative to grab the floating objects in the water and the vegetation and stones on the shore, the drifting boat will not overturn. It doesn't matter if the boat capsizes, just hold your breath and be careful not to choke because you have a life jacket on.