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A Whole Lychee

June 30, 2023

Some people say that there are not enough lychees this summer. Because it is frozen lychee, it is sweet and refreshing, which makes people feel physically and mentally satisfied. At the same time, the express logistics brother is busy delivering freshly picked lychees to customers.

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A friend asked me, is there any way to detect whether his lychee packing box can protect the freshly picked lychees and ensure that the lychees are delivered to customers in good condition. He said that there are several tons of lychees that can be matured and picked every day, and these are picked and sent to customers through logistics express as soon as possible. Because only fresh lychees can taste better. So he is eager to test whether his lychee packing box is strong or not.

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Here I provided him with several test scenarios. To determine whether the packing box is strong, it is necessary to do a compression test on the carton, and determine the firmness by continuously applying pressure to the box. To determine the protection ability of the packaging box for the objects inside, it is necessary to do a drop test on the carton to simulate the ability of the box to protect the objects inside when it is dropped during express delivery. Also, whether it will dump during stacking and transportation, a static tilt test can be done.

Through the above tests, you can judge the appropriate packing box and packing method.