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Advantages of Packaging Drop Test Machine

August 18, 2023

Accurately simulate the real environment: The packaging drop test machine can simulate various drop situations, including free fall, edge drop and angle drop, etc. By accurately simulating the drop situation in the real environment, the shock resistance performance of the packaging can be more accurately evaluated, providing customers with reliable data support.

drop test machine

Versatility: Our packaging drop test machine has a variety of test modes to meet the needs of different industries and products. For example, we can conduct single-point drop, multi-point drop, continuous drop and other tests according to customer requirements to ensure that the product can be safely transported under various conditions.


High automation: Our equipment adopts advanced automatic control system, which can realize automatic testing and data recording. This not only improves the efficiency of the test, but also reduces the impact of human factors on the test results, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data.


Reliability and Stability: Our packaging drop test machine adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing process, which has excellent reliability and stability. They have undergone strict quality control and testing, and can maintain stable performance in long-term use, providing customers with long-lasting and reliable testing solutions.