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Appearance preservation of the fabric

May 27, 2021

Ⅱ . Appearance preservation of the fabric




1. Pilling

In the process of wearing and washing, the fabric is constantly subjected to friction, rubbing, etc., the surface of the fabric will produce wool (pilling), continue rubbing, these wool will be entangled into balls (pilling), appearance will become bad (deterioration).


(1) The pilling process
A. Pilling: the fiber is a variety of external factors (extraction and grinding, etc.) interference and emerge from the yarn body hair velvet
B. Entangled into a ball: when the hairs reach a certain length and number, entangled into a ball with each other
C.Fall off: the wool ball on the surface of the fabric may fall off in friction


(2) Pilling test
A.Round track pilling tester: brush the bristle with nylon brush, then rub the standard material into a ball
B.roll box method
C. Martindale abrasion tester

D. Wearing test


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(3)Expression index
A.Compared with the standard sample, together 5 grade, grade 5 best, grade 1 worst
B.Number of pilling per unit area
C.Pilling weight per unit area
D.Pilling curve



(4) Factors affecting pilling
A.Fiber varieties
B.Structure of yarn and fabric
C.Dyeing and finishing after processing
D.Conditions of use



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2.Hook silk

The yarn in the fabric is drawn out of the fabric by a sharp and hard object, which causes the pulling thread marks on the fabric surface. Hook will deteriorate the appearance of the fabric. The resistance to hook is one of the important wear properties of the fabric, especially the knitted garment fabric.


(1) Test method
A.hammer type
B. roll
C. roll box
D. try on.



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Most use physical or standard samples to compare ratings. Level 5 is best, level 1 is worst.




3.Wrinkle resistance
The fabric under the rubbing force, the ability to resist bending deformation, wrinkle resistance, the appearance of the general fabric in the absence of any external force, is generally smooth, flat, wrinkle-free. However, after use, the surface of the fabric loses its original characteristics, resulting in wrinkles, loss of flat, ugly appearance, not beautiful.



(1)Test method
A.Convex method (vertical method)
B.Bar method (horizontal method)



A.Crease return angle
B.Wrinkle recovery rate = wrinkle recovery angle /180*100%