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Appearance preservation of the fabric

May 28, 2021

Ⅱ. Appearance preservation of the fabric





4.Washable and wearable

Mainly is the examination washing shrinkable sex. After washing clothes without ironing or a little ironing can be kept flat and wear performance, known as washable wear, also known as non-ironing.

(1)Test method
A.Twist method
B.Falling-water deformation method
C.Washing machine method



washing machine



Compared with the sample, it was rated as level 5, level 5 best and Level 1 worst.



5. Pleat retention

The degree to which the fabric is ironed into pleats (including wrinkles and creases) and retains its shape over a long period of time after washing is called pleat retention.

(1) Test method
A.Ironing pressure method
After ironing, measure the opening Angle A0, then flatten it out, press 500cN heavy hammer for 5 minutes, measure the opening Angle A1.
B.Washing rating method
C.Ironing performance tester for garment fabric: It is used to measure the characteristics and performance of garment fabric under ironing conditions, such as the level and symmetry of stitching, the forming performance of garment folds (such as trouser lines), the final appearance of garment, etc. The main detection index is the tuck recovery Angle. The size of the sample mounting fixture is 100mm×150mm× 220mm, and the size of the kettle is 180mm ×170mm×130mm.

A.Pleat recovery angle A0
B.Pleat retention
H = (180 - A1) x 100% / (180 - A0)
C.Compared with the sample, it was rated as five grades, with grade 5 being the best and grade 1 being the worst.



6. Arch deformation

In the process of wearing the clothes, the elbow and knee which are often bent and arched will be deformed, thus affecting the appearance of the clothes. In the actual measurement, the motion design experiment of the elbow is simulated. With a ring clamp, hold the cloth sample, use a semi-sphere of similar size to the elbow, raise it at a certain height, hold it for a certain time, then let it recover for a period of time, and measure its residual arch. Use "arch residual rate" to express.



7. Color fastness

The fabric will fade under the action of sun, water, soap, friction, sweat stain, ironing, bleaching, sea water and dry cleaning.


color fastness