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Are your shoes really "waterproof"?

May 26, 2021

Are your shoes really "waterproof"?




When it rains, there will often be news like this:


water repellency tester


Picture1:On a rainy day, a boy walked barefoot with his shoes in his hands because he was afraid of his shoes being soiled by rain


Picture 2:

Men's mental activity at this time is that it can rain, the body can be wet, and the shoes can't be wet.

In fact, it’s okay if it’s wet outside.The most fearful thing is that the shoes get water.


water repellency tester


Picture3:Too much rain caused water to enter the shoes. In the process of walking, water sprayed out from the small holes in the shoe like a fountain. If it weren't for this heavy rain, I might never know what these holes are for in my entire life


In order to meet the needs of consumers, there are many "waterproof" shoes on the market.

Although there are many "waterproof" shoes on the market, how can I verify whether the shoes on my feet have certain waterproof performance?


The material of waterproof shoes is generally made of rubber with good waterproof effect, artificial leather and animal leather. It has the advantages of waterproof, dustproof, wear-resistant, and warmth. However, some styles of waterproof shoes have poor vapor permeability and moisture absorption performance, so we When wearing waterproof shoes, you can take multiple pairs of shoes in rotation to avoid uncomfortable wearing experience caused by stuffy feet. After wearing waterproof shoes, it is best to put them in a cool and dry place for drying, in order to maximize the life of the shoes and maintain the good performance of the shoes.


Today, let’s take a look at HD-P468 water repellency tester.It installs the finished shoes on the dynamic waterproof performance testing machine. Pour a certain depth of water into the water tank of the testing machine to touch the shoes. The testing machine pushes the forefoot of the shoe to bend at a certain angle and frequency to simulate the walking state to test and measure the water outside the shoe. The number of bends or time required to wear the shoe.