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Do you know anything about pan ?

November 30, 2022

Our common pan has many inspection items, such as total migration, heavy metal, viscosity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Today, we will introduce the abrasion resistance test that you are concerned about.


Recently, our company received a commission from an Indian customer, asking our company to help evaluate the wear resistance of their frying pans.

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First of all, let's understand that the main raw material for the coating of the pan is polytetrafluoroethylene, which is usually called "Teflon". The material has the advantages of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, self lubrication, chemical stability, etc.


Our company has studied the BS 7069-1998 standard, and needs to use an abrasion testing machine for abrasion test. Rub the cooker on the machine for 500 times, wipe it with a clean cloth, and then rub it for 500 times. 1000 times of friction is equivalent to more than 50 times of daily use and cleaning of cooking utensils. Is there no concept?


Let's suppose:

Grade I: no obvious wear after 375 days

Class II: 125-375 days, no obvious wear

Grade III: 25-125 days, no obvious wear

Grade IV: less than 25 days, no obvious wear


In addition, "wear" does not mean that it cannot be used. If the wear is serious, such as serious adhesion, peeling, and substrate leakage, it is recommended to replace the non stick pan.


According to the standards and analysis, our company has customized a non stick pan friction tester for customers, which meets the standard test requirements and is compatible with all specifications of the customer's pan.

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