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Electric Scooter For Easy Travel

December 23, 2022

The appearance of electric scooters has greatly helped people to travel in and out of work on short trips, and has also added a lot of fun in life and entertainment. In the foreign electric scooter market, industrial design companies have entered the era of sharing electric scooters. Electric scooters are the main means of transportation in the future. The demand for the last kilometer driven by public transport has been solved due to the emergence of electric scooters. Therefore, it can be said that electric scooters will certainly become an important trend in future travel.


At present, except for a few enterprises with strong comprehensive strength that can independently research and develop products, most of the domestic electric scooters manufacturers adopt the mode of purchasing complete sets of accessories and assembling them into complete vehicles and then OEM them for external sales. These enterprises have weak technical strength, are not familiar with the requirements of key components (especially batteries and control motherboards), and simply assemble various functional modules, resulting in poor vehicle system compatibility and product quality can not be guaranteed, and even many electric scooters are equipped with saddles, replacing electric bicycles as transportation tools. In the period of blooming flowers, it is also a challenge to test product quality; Many of these brands on the market are uneven, and the quality reputation is also messy. As a daily transportation tool, safety and quality are essential; It requires certain testing standards and specifications to evaluate and constrain; At this time, it is necessary to test the rationality and security.

scooter fatigue teser

HD-S507 scooter dynamic fatigue tester independently developed by our company includes many testing functions, such as load dynamic fatigue, front wheel speed detection, resistance test (simulated climbing test), reverse switching test, decibel test, light brightness test, etc; With the self-developed computer test software, it has powerful functions and stable and accurate test data. A multi-functional testing equipment belonging to the electric scooter, which fills the gap in this respect for manufacturers and testing institutions; Make due contributions to the improvement of product quality in the scooter industry.