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Environmental Testing

March 24, 2023

With the continuous increase of the outdoor industry, the application range of environmental testing has also increased, and the rain test box has also received more attention from the outdoor industry. Rain test boxes are designed to assess the waterproof performance of materials and their protective layers. They can also be used to compare the process quality of similar protective layers, as well as to assess the waterproof performance of two products, which can better serve the rapid development of the industrial field. Today, let's learn about the water temperature and water pressure of rain test boxes.

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Generally, large rainfall intensities occur in summer when the temperature is high, but due to rainfall, the temperature of rainwater can be adjusted, so the temperature of rainwater falling to the ground will not be too high. When testing according to standard test conditions, it is not necessary to control the temperature of water, but the temperature of water should be as close as possible to the temperature of the tested product to reduce the possibility of condensation inside the tested product. Generally, the temperature of test water should be 15 ℃± 10 ℃.

The pressure of the rain test chamber is supplied by tap water, sometimes with high pressure, sometimes with low pressure, and high volatility, which cannot meet the water pressure specified in the standard for supplying the product. Therefore, we have specially designed a water pressure stabilizing device. Not only does the energy source continuously supply water, but also it can regularly maintain the specified water pressure required for the test, ensuring that the test is conducted under normal water pressure.

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In summary, the test parameters for the protection level of the lamp housing are based on years of meteorological data, simulating as severe natural conditions as possible, and taking due account of the acceleration and repeatability of the test to assess the product.

With the continuous refinement and upgrading, the water temperature and pressure in the rain test chamber of Haida International Instruments are also closer to the outdoor rain environment. If you need, you can contact us!