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Four Different Ways of Thinking

October 19, 2022

There used to be such a passage on the Internet:

Boys with different salaries, what are they thinking before going to bed?

Monthly salary of 50,000: the team needs to be re-integrated;

Monthly salary of 30,000: that plan still needs to be changed;

20,000 monthly salary: what does that customer like?

Monthly salary of 5,000: P40 pixels will definitely beat Apple;

Monthly salary of 3,000: Bentley Bentayga is definitely not as good as Maybach s600;

2,000 monthly salary: The impact of Russia's attitude towards NATO's eastward expansion on US global strategy.

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It's a joke, but there's some truth to it. People at different levels have completely different questions to think about before going to bed. In this world, there are roughly four different levels of people: responsible for time, responsible for tasks, responsible for goals, and responsible for dreams.


1. Responsible for time:

Responsible for the time, that is, eight hours on duty. Go to work, go to get off work. When I go to work, I work, and when I go off work, I live. It's nothing, don't look for me. However, there is a basic premise: do your job. This is a requirement and a professionalism. Be worthy of your own and others' time and get things done.


2. Responsible for the task:

A general, sending a regiment to capture a certain hill before 3:00 in the morning, this is a task. If you can't take it down at 3 in the morning, the entire army will not be able to make it through. If the mission is not completed, the general's entire plan is disrupted. Therefore, the person who can take responsibility for the task is the braver person and the more capable person. Because this task, like a heavy burden, is handed over to a trustworthy person. Inside the burden, there is the complexity of the external environment, the limitations of internal resources, and the sinister and cunning of the enemy. Dare to take on the task, can withstand the pressure, grit your teeth, even if you bite blood, you must complete the task. This is responsibility for the mission.


3. Be responsible for your goals: Will you make plans, give resources, communicate, and see the results?

Being responsible for the goal is to deliver the autumn harvest on time. It is very rare to be able to reach this level. Because this is an abstract goal. However, in the end it delivers concrete results. From "abstract" to "concrete", a strong comprehensive ability is required behind it. This comprehensive ability is: making plans, giving resources, communicating, and seeing results.


4. Be responsible for your dreams: have the passion to hold up the torch, and the rationality to use the torch to guide the direction.

Passionate people can easily ignite themselves. This is an invaluable quality. Like an engine that never stops, it can run tirelessly forever. Ordinary people use matches, and people with dreams use torches. In addition to the passion to raise the torch, there is also the rationality to use the torch to guide the direction.