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Get to know Martindale Wear Tester

March 2, 2023

1、 Introduction:
Martindale wear tester is used to test the wear resistance and pilling performance of various fabrics. Under a certain pressure, the sample and the specified abrasive are subject to continuous reversing friction, and the wear and pilling degree is evaluated by comparing with the standard parameters.

2、 Scope of application:
Martindale abrasion tester is applicable to the abrasion resistance test of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, decorative materials, coated fabrics, and the apparent pilling performance test.

3、 Test principle:
1. Under a certain pressure, the circular fabric sample rubs against the standard abrasive according to the movement track of Lissajous curve, resulting in the sample damage. The abrasion resistance of the fabric is expressed by the abrasion resistance times of the sample damage.

2. The round sample and the fabric of the same material are rubbed with the Lissajous graphic motion track under the given pressure, and the pilling grade of the sample is evaluated after reaching the specified number of revolutions.

The instrument can be customized with 4 stations, 6 stations and 8 stations according to customer needs, and each station can be tested at the same time to improve the test efficiency. Equipped with different weights and fixture grinding heads, it can adapt to a variety of national and American standards, and can perform the functions of pilling and wear resistance at the same time.

Martindale wear tester
(4-head Martindale wear tester)

Martindale wear tester

(6-head Martindale wear tester)

Martindale wear tester

(8-head Martindale wear tester)