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Helmet Detection

August 3, 2023

Traffic is closely related to our lives, but due to the weak safety awareness of some citizens, they often do not wear helmets when driving electric vehicles, which poses a large safety hazard, which leads to an increase in traffic accidents year by year. , coupled with the improvement of people's safety awareness, it is now one helmet for each person. There are also a series of tests for helmets, and only those that pass the tests are qualified helmets, which can protect our lives and safety.

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Let me introduce to you:

Helmet detection range:

Motorcycle helmets, fire helmets, abs helmets, bicycle helmets, bulletproof helmets, carbon fiber helmets, steel helmets, etc.

Helmet testing items:

Collision test inspection, material inspection, optical inspection, quality inspection, safety inspection, impact inspection, strength inspection, impact test, factory inspection

Helmet testing standards:

GB 811-2010 Helmets for motorcycle riders

GB 24429-2009 Sports helmets - Safety requirements and tests for sports helmets for bicycles, skateboards and roller skating

GA 44-2015 Fire Helmet

GA 293-2012 Police bulletproof helmets and face shields

GA 294-2012 Anti riot helmet for police

LY/T 1389-1999 forest fire helmet

Each of the above standards has corresponding helmet testing equipment, and Haida Instruments will escort your safety!

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