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Hi, how are your shoes?

October 11, 2022

After a few days of rain washing, how are your shoes? Please look down at your shoes. Is there any glue on the side of the shoes? Is the sole cracked? Is there any wrinkles on the upper skin? After being soaked in rain, are the shoes still as soft and comfortable as before?


Going out on rainy days so many times

After the painful lesson of shoe flooding

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Today I will tell everyone

Key point: How to choose a pair of high-quality shoes? Choose shoes that have been tested by precision testing equipment! How to choose a testing instrument? Of course it is Dongguan Haida Instruments!


We have professional R & D personnel, provide leather dynamic waterproof testing machine, sole bending test machine, finished shoe waterproof tortuous test machine, shoe anti-slip testing machine, friction dye fastness testing machine and other testing instruments.


From shoe uppers, soles to glue testing instruments used in shoemaking, accurate parameters can be provided, which can be used as a reference for enterprise shoemaking. Of course, shoes that pass these instruments are good shoes!