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How to choose summer clothes

August 30, 2022

The hot summer is here... The feeling in summer: "sweat, sun". Do you feel the same way? How to choose summer clothes? Xiaobian will take you shopping without detours and let you spend the summer comfortably.


The following testing methods will be marked on the certificate of formal summer clothing:


Sweat - Moisture-wicking and quick-drying

Test method: GB/T21655.1-2008 "Evaluation of Textiles: Moisture Absorption and Dryness Part 1: Individual Combination Test Method" or GB/T21655.2-2019 "Textiles: Evaluation of Moisture Absorption and Quick Drying Part 2: Dynamic Moisture Transfer" Law"

-Hygroscopic and quick-drying, that is, it absorbs moisture quickly, and it can be quickly excreted and evaporated.

-Moisture-wicking, that is, it can absorb water quickly and it can be expelled quickly, but the evaporation speed is not necessarily fast.

-Hygroscopic, refers to can quickly absorb moisture.

-Quick-drying, which means that the water can be quickly drained and evaporated.


GB/T 21655.1-2008 Textiles -- Assessment of moisture absorption and rapid drying -- Part 1: single combination test method
  items knitting requirements Weaving requirements
moisture absorption Water absorption ≥200 ≥100
drip diffusion time /s ≤3 ≤5
core absorption height /mm ≥100 ≥90
quick drying evaporation rate /(g/h) ≥0.18 ≥0.18
moisture permeability / [g/(m•d)] ≥10000 ≥8000
GB/T 216552-2019 textiles -- Assessment of moisture absorption and rapid drying -- Part 2: dynamic water transfer method
  Item requirements  
Hygroscopic quick drying Soaking time ≥level 3  
water absorption rate ≥level 2  
maximum wetting radius of impervious surface ≥level 1  
diffusion velocity of liquid water on permeable surface ≥level 0  
hygroscopic perspiration soaking time of permeable surface ≥level 1  
water absorption rate of permeable surface ≥level 2  
unidirectional transfer index ≥level 3  

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Sun protection - UV protection

Test method: GB/T 18830-2009 "Evaluation of Textiles - UV Protection Performance"

- Limit requirements: UPF>40, and T(UVA)AV<5%, it can be called anti-ultraviolet product

- In other words, only clothing with the UV protection factor UPF value and UVA transmittance that meets the above limit requirements can be called sunscreen clothing.


Ultraviolet (uv) UVA UVB
The wavelength 315-400nm 280-315nm
harm Break down the elastic and collagen fibers in the dermis, which will tan the skin. It has erythema effect on the human body and can promote mineral metabolism and vitamin D formation in the body. However, long-term or excessive irradiation will tan the skin, which will make the skin tan, and cause redness, swelling and peeling.
radiation >98% reach the Earth <2% reach the Earth


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