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I am the most special !

July 16, 2021

I am the most special !





I like this dress, being beautiful appearance, durable, not fading.I like this pair of shoe, being wear resistant, soft, light and handy, breathable but meanwhile .We will discard those dresses for its pilling, color fastness, air-impervious,wrinkle .Also we dislike and avoid a pair of shoe for degumming , cracking, not waterproof, not breathable.




So do you want to be liked or disgusted? If you want to be liked, dont be hesitated to choose the clothes and shoes in good quality.How to do it? We can help you!


See! I am the most special testing equipment to give you the result.

If you are a fat man, have you experienced a day your cloth is burst when you moving your body wide? How an embarrassing situation.So I think you have to lose weigh. But you told me you can’t. I-Automatic Hydraulic Bursting Tester, the most special testing equipment to determine the bursting strength and distension at burst of fabric.


When you were a child,have you ever experienced pulling with your little friend, suddenly your clothes been torn, but nothing happen with your friend’s clothes and then he laughing loudly.So if you are parent, do you know how to buy a new clothes to avoid such situation?


Elmendorf Tearing Tester, the most special testing equipment to

determine the ballistic tearing strength of woven fabrics, plastic films, paper, or other similar materials.