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Is The Formaldehyde Detector An IQ Tax?

May 27, 2023

The problem of formaldehyde has always been the top priority of every family. If you live in an environment with high concentration of formaldehyde for a long time, it is very likely to cause cancer. Of course, talking about toxicity regardless of dose is "hooliganism".


Your body knows how much formaldehyde exceeds the standard. The simplest and intuitive reaction is that if you feel eye irritation and throat discomfort after staying for a while, it means that the formaldehyde in your home exceeds the standard seriously. How much formaldehyde is considered excessive? According to the national "Indoor Air Quality Standard" GB/T18883-2022: the formaldehyde concentration limit is ≤0.08mg/m³ (close the doors and windows and the fresh air system for at least 12 hours before testing) to rest assured to move in.

formaldehyde test chamber

When we talk about the means of removing aldehydes, there are two options: ventilation or treatment, but in the end it must meet the standard before you can move in. When the standard is reached, it is not based on experience, but the formaldehyde detector will tell you what the current formaldehyde index is. For example, according to the requirements of GB/T18883-2022, the formaldehyde value must be less than 0.08mg/m3, so that you can move in with confidence.


Formaldehyde is ubiquitous in our lives. In response to the hazards of formaldehyde, Haiyouce Instruments has launched a formaldehyde climate chamber to help you detect the amount of formaldehyde released in your life, so that everyone can have a healthy life.