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Life is Enriched by Colorfulness

July 28, 2023


Represents a fiery heart, is the intoxication that falls with love, and is a symbol of a happy ending


The orange skin is orange, and the color is not so gorgeous, which symbolizes the hardship and joy.


The fallen leaves of autumn are covered by you gladly, exuding bright brilliance under the shining of the sun, like the rising sun, like gold


It is a happy angel sent from heaven, and in an instant, the world is filled with green and joy. The world of spring is a green world. The tenacious grass showed its naughty and old-fashioned smiling face. Willow rolled up her delicate paper hair, and together wrote a song of spring


It is a solemn and serious color, which seems to understand but not easy to comprehend


The misty and undulating sky, the blue of Binbin, what a beautiful picture of Yifu, is that the poetic and picturesque life like this


It's like a faint taste, which makes people lost and gentle.

In life, colors hit our eyes all the time, but are the colors you see really what you want?

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Next, let me introduce a product colorimeter to you. What is a colorimeter?

The color difference meter, according to the Lab, Lch principle of CIE (International Commission on Illumination) color space, measures and shows the color difference △E and △Lab value between the sample and the tested sample. It is now widely used in plastics, printing, paint, ink, textile and clothing industries. The field of color management.


There are so many kinds of colorimeters on the market, how to choose?

Confirm what product the customer is testing ,,Such as mobile phone shells, home appliance shells ,Whether the test surface is flat or curved ,Solid or liquid, powder,How big is the test surface, preferably not less than 4mm, What kind of material is it ,Such as plastic or paper, metal, ceramic ,General customers can clearly indicate


If only white and black are left, life will become boring, different colors can have a better visual impact, and life will be beautiful because of its colorfulness.