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RCA Abrasion

October 31, 2022


RCA  Abrasion is a paper tape friction test. According to the actual friction parts of objects or materials, the specified machine is used to accelerate the friction test with paper tape, so as to test the friction resistance in a short time.


RCA paper bag abrasion resistance testing machine is used for the abrasion resistance of coating materials on the surface of textiles with loads of 275g, 175g, 55g, such as MP3, CD player, PDA, mobile phone, laptop, etc. This paper bag abrasion resistance testing machine has the functions of stopping when the number of times is reached and stopping when the paper is broken, which can reduce the abrasion resistance test error and save paper for customers during testing.

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1. Roll the uncoated paper or tape and rub it with the sample at a certain number of revolutions to see the wear resistance effect of the coating layer


2. The standard test load is 275g (no weight reduction weight is added to the lever), and two weight reduction weights are attached. The test load can be reduced to 175g or 55g, which are suitable for different test conditions or soft materials.


3. Two sample fixing methods can be selected.


4. Light magnifier is attached for viewing.


5. Counter: rotary counter, led counter (times can be set)


Standard accessories: a set of tools, a magnifying glass, a weight for reducing a test load to 55g, a weight for reducing a test load to 175g, a universal fixator, and three o-rings.