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Safe Use Of Electricity Starts From Me

September 28, 2022

Do all QTS family members know the safety tips for electricity safety?
Illegal use of electricity may often cause serious accidents such as personal injury, fire, and damage to equipment. There are many electrical appliances in the laboratory, and special attention should be paid to the safe use of electricity. For personal safety, be sure to follow laboratory safety rules.


1. Prevent electric shock and prevent fire
1. Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands;
2. The exposed part of the power supply should have an insulating device (for example, the wire joint should be covered with insulating tape);
3. The metal casing of all electrical appliances should be grounded for protection;
4. During the experiment, the circuit should be connected before turning on the power supply. When the experiment is over, cut off the power first and then disconnect the circuit;
5. When repairing or installing electrical appliances, the power should be cut off first;
6. Do not use a test pen to test high-voltage electricity, and special protective measures should be taken when using high-voltage power supplies;
7. If someone gets an electric shock, you should cut off the power quickly, and then carry out rescue.
8. The fuse used should be consistent with the power consumption allowed by the laboratory;
9. The safe power of the wire should be greater than the power consumption;
10. If there are flammable and explosive gases such as hydrogen and gas in the room, avoid generating electric sparks. When the relay is working and switching the switch, it is easy to generate electric sparks. Special care should be taken. Repair or replace in a timely manner;
11. In case of wire fire, immediately cut off the power supply, use sand or carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers to put out the fire, and prohibit the use of water or foam fire extinguishers and other conductive liquids to put out fire.


Safe use of electricity, everyone pays attention. For example: last time, a colleague in the Da Luosha factory was accidentally electrocuted when debugging the machine without electricity inspection to ensure safety. At that time, the person was a little numb and his hands The feet were all affected by the electric shock, causing a small area of ​​injury.


There is only one life, and at the same time, it also reminds the colleagues who are struggling on the front line to pay special attention to the safe use of electricity (you can bring an electric pen with you).


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Electric pencil examination is one of the safety guarantees.