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Safety Shoes

August 10, 2022

Safety shoes are a general term for safety shoes and protective shoes, which generally refer to shoes that are used in different workplaces to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable injuries. From August 1, 2021, the "Foot Protection Safety Shoes" (GB 21148-2020) will be implemented. This standard replaces GB 12011-2009, GB 21146-2007, GB 21147-2007, and GB 21148-2007.

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Folding function description
Different safety shoes have different application scopes and different requirements for safety shoes functions. The specific manifestations are: toe protection safety shoes: The safety performance of the inner toe cap is AN1 level, suitable for metallurgy, mining, forestry, ports, loading and unloading, quarrying machinery , construction, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.

Test items:
1. Baotou impact resistance test
2. Puncture resistance test
3. Anti-static test
4. Heat insulation performance
5. Heel performance
6. Anti-skid performance
7. Acid and alkali resistance test

Today, I will mainly introduce the impact resistance test of Baotou mentioned in the first point of the test project.
The relevant test equipment is a safety footwear impact tester~
HD-P303 Safety Footwear Impact Tester


This safety shoe impact tester is used to test the impact resistance of safety shoes.

Standard: ISO 20344 AND ASTM F2413


Drop weight (EN) 20 ± 0.2 kg, (ANSI) 22.7 ± 0.2 kg
Impact energy (EN) 200 J, ( BS, ANSI ) 100 ± 2 J
Impact insert (EN)R 3 ± 0.1 mm, (ANSI)ψ25.4 mm
Effective stroke 0-1100 mm
Weight (approx.) 240 kg
Power supply single phase 220v, 60 Hz
Machine size 68*68*200cm (length*width*height)


Detailed drawing:


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