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Testing Equipment Required For Printing

August 30, 2023

Every industry needs to go through a round or even several rounds of product testing before leaving the factory. The printing industry is no exception. It provides equipment for professional departments such as book publishing, news publishing, packaging and decoration, commercial printing, office printing, and financial tickets. There are many tasks that need to be tested.

1. Ink Printing Abrasion Tester

The ink decolorization test machine is mainly used to test the ink adhesion, so as to judge the quality of the ink. This machine can be used for dry grinding test, wet grinding test, decolorization change test, paper blur test and special friction test. The Ink Abrasion Test is a test method designed to evaluate the abrasion or rub resistance of ink on paper or board.

Ink Printing test machine

2. Color difference meter

Measure the color and color difference reflected by objects (paper, etc.), measure ISO brightness (blue light whiteness R457) and fluorescent whitening degree of fluorescent whitening materials, measure CIE whiteness (Ganz whiteness W10 and color cast value TW10), measure Whiteness of ceramics, measurement of whiteness of building materials and non-metallic mineral products, measurement of Hunter system Lab and Hunter (Lab) whiteness, measurement of yellowness, measurement of opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient and light absorption coefficient of samples, measurement Ink absorption value.

Color difference meter

3. Color matching light box

The standard multi-light source color matching light box SUPER (four colors) provides a standard light source for simulating various environments when people visually detect the color deviation of an item, such as simulating sunlight, simulating store showroom lighting, and home lighting, Horizontal sunlight, ultraviolet light, etc., due to different light sources, illuminance, and environments, make it difficult to match the color of the product or make color judgment errors. Therefore, this lamp is specially designed to provide standard and objective luminosity, so that raw materials, products The quality and contrast of colors can be controlled.