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Textile Testing Instruments

October 25, 2022

The weather turns cold, and a new round of cooling will arrive soon. Warm prompt: please add clothes in time and keep warm.

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When it comes to adding clothes, we have to mention that the clothes we wear on our bodies contact our skin every day, which not only covers our shame and looks beautiful, but also provides us with cold and rain protection, resistance to foreign objects, and protection against scratches. This shows the importance of the quality of clothing fabrics: air permeability/water seepage/tear resistance.

Our Haida products have textile testing instruments for testing all kinds of textiles. Here are a few for you to know.

Firstly, we introduce our HD-W810 digital fabric air permeability meter. Applicable standards: GB/T 5453-1997, ISO 9237, JIS L1096, etc. Used to measure the air permeability of various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, coated fabrics, industrial filter materials and other breathable leather, plastic, industrial paper and other chemical products.

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Secondly, we introduce our HD-W825 fabric hydrostatic seepage tester. Applicable standards: GB/T4744-1997, ISO811, etc. Used for testing the water resistance of various fabrics, such as canvas, oilcloth, tent cloth, nonwoven cloth, rain clothing cloth, coated fabric, etc.

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Then introduce our HD-W812 fabric tear tester. Applicable standards: GB/T16491, GB/T1040, GB/T8808, GB13022, JIS K6854, etc. Used for tensile and tear tests of materials and products in various textile, nonwoven, synthetic leather and other industries.

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