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The strength of universal tensile testing machine

March 16, 2023

The HD-AB615-S computer servo double-column tensile material tester is professionally suitable for composite materials, packaging materials, plastic tubes, adhesives, backing materials, non-woven fabrics, concrete, rubber and other non-metallic materials and medical equipment, cables , Steel and other metal products, such as tensile, bending, compression, bonding strength, tearing, piercing force, opening force, unwinding force, pulling force and other performance tests

tensile testing machine

The tensile machine is a necessary testing equipment in the process of material development, physical property experiment, education and teaching, quality control, material inspection, random inspection of production line, etc. It is used by industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, colleges and universities, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments. Ideal testing equipment.


With the continuous development and advancement of precision measurement and other technologies, various tensile machines with advanced performance and suitable for different requirements and different environments continue to appear. They can perform precision tests on metals and other materials in various conditions or environments. It measures the physical properties of materials or products; it also measures the chemical properties of materials. The rational application of tensile machines plays an important role in improving product quality and safety, saving materials, and reducing costs.