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What to do After Bugs Fly Into Your Eyes

September 15, 2023

I believe that many friends in Guangdong have experienced bugs getting into their eyes. So what is the correct way to deal with this situation?


Rubbing your eyes after a flying insect enters your eyes will cause the insect to rupture and die. The venom it secretes may cause eye allergies and lead to eye inflammation. If it is a sharp insect, it may scratch the cornea or conjunctiva, or even cause part of the limb to remain in the eye, which may cause eye damage. So don’t rub your eyes too hard after flying insects get into your eyes!

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The correct treatment method should be 1. Blink your eyes gently first. The irritation caused by bugs causes the eyes to produce large amounts of tears, which effectively flush out the bugs and the toxins they produce. 2. Rinse well. Rinse with plenty of normal saline or cold boiled water (if unavailable, consider rinsing with tap water), and turn your eyes while rinsing. 3. If you still feel uncomfortable after the above two steps, go to the hospital promptly. After the above treatment, if the bugs have not been removed or the eyes are still uncomfortable, go to the hospital for an ophthalmologist to avoid the situation from becoming more serious.