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Wide Range of Textile Inspection Instruments

August 24, 2023

As one of the indispensable and important products in people's daily life, textiles have always been concerned about their quality and safety. In order to ensure that the quality of textiles meets the standard requirements, textile inspection instruments have emerged as the times require. As a professional textile inspection equipment manufacturer, we are committed to providing the industry with advanced equipment, improving product quality assurance, and promoting the sustainable development of the textile industry.


There are various types of textile inspection instruments, including the following main types:


Textile strength tester: This type of instrument is used to measure the strength and durability of textiles. By simulating the real use environment, it can detect the performance of textiles in terms of stretching and tearing, and help manufacturers evaluate the quality and reliability of products.

tensile test machine

Textile color fastness tester: Color fastness is an important indicator for evaluating the color fastness of textiles. The color fastness testing instrument can simulate various daily use conditions, such as friction, washing, light, etc., to test the stability of the color fastness of textiles, and ensure that the product will not fade or dye other items during use.

color fastness test machine

Textile fabric structure analyzer: This type of instrument is used to analyze the fabric structure of textiles, including yarn density, textile weaving process, etc. Through the analysis of the textile structure, the quality and performance of the product can be evaluated, and the improvement and optimization in the production process can be guided.

textile test machine

As a manufacturer of textile inspection instruments, we will continue to devote ourselves to R&D and innovation, provide advanced equipment and solutions, help the textile industry improve the level of quality assurance, and promote the sustainable development of the industry. We believe that through cooperation and win-win, the textile industry will usher in a more brilliant future!