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Treatment Method of Measuring Result Deviation of Universal Material Tensile Testing Machine

November 16, 2022

When using the universal material tensile testing machine, sometimes the measurement results will have deviation. There are several treatment methods according to the type of universal material tensile testing machine.

1、 Measurement result deviation of electronic universal tensile testing machine

1. Deviation incentives:

First, the core part of the testing machine: if the main body is not assembled evenly, friction will occur between the working piston and the working cylinder wall, resulting in deviation. In general, the deviation is positive and inversely proportional to the applied load.

Secondly, the testing machine part: the installation of the testing machine part does not conform to the standard, which will lead to friction between pendulum bearings, which usually leads to negative difference.

In case of small load measurement, these two deviations have a great impact

2. Cleaning method:

a. First, check whether the testing machine is horizontally assembled. On the outer ring of the working column, the main machine frame level rises vertically in two directions.

Adjust the front and rear levelness of the testing machine to the front of the rocker, align the edge of the rocker with the internal scoring line, and adjust the upper and lower levelness of the machine body through the level on the side of the rocker.

2、 Hydraulic tensile testing machine

1. Deviation incentives:

a. Host part:

The installation position of the main engine is uneven, or there are residues in the cylinder, and the oil viscosity is too high, which will cause friction and endanger the measurement results.

b. Dynamometer part:

The reasons for the friction of the testing machine are: dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston, too high oil viscosity, friction force of the needle on the marking equipment, oil dirt of the worm, dirt or too tight limit plate. The force measuring piston belt is damaged or broken

2. Solution:

a. Clean the cylinder organs and replace with oil with proper viscosity.

Clean and adjust the shrink screw and limit plate of the gear rod with gasoline in time, and replace the belt in the force measuring piston.

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